Our Story

Our name is inspired by a specific period in history: the rubber boom.

Let us tell you a story. Rubber has always been a useful natural resource, partly because it’s pliable and waterproof. The downside, though, is that its properties change with the temperature—very sticky when hot, rigid when cold.
Then a mid-nineteenth century advancement made rubber stable at a variety of temperatures. Suddenly, the uses for it multiplied. Everything from vehicle and bicycle tires to shoes and coats could be manufactured with rubber. The demand increased exponentially.

For anyone who knew how to get rubber from the jungle, this new demand represented a chance for wealth and prosperity. It was an economic boom.

Problem was, finding the rubber and getting it from the Amazon to the manufacturing centers wasn’t easy. The region is massive, encompassing different terrain and broken up with multiple waterways. Huge forests full of a staggering number of plant and animal species cover the area. And, more than a hundred years ago, most of it was undeveloped. To complicate matters further, the rubber trees grew separate and far apart from each other.

But those who figured out ways to work around all those obstacles made money. A lot of money.

Rubber Boom Media was inspired by this story because of its parallels to today’s online Amazon marketplace. It is massive, boasting the largest variety of products in the world. Customers flock to Amazon. Opportunity abounds. A seller’s dream, right?


Like the rubber in the Amazon, there are obstacles. With so much selection, so many products, and so many sellers, it’s not easy getting your products noticed.

But those sellers who know how to navigate this vast online terrain make money. A lot of money.

This is where we step in. We have the skills, the knowledge, and the experience to be your guide through the online marketplace. Our expertise can help you reach your target market. And we can help your product stand out amongst the world’s largest selection.

What Can We Do For Your Brand?